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Offering nearly every service of the local post office, Orange Mailer® is your Virtual Post Office.

Now you can do more than just skip the line. In addition to generating Priority®, Express® and Certified Mail® postage labels, you can also buy and print First Class® postage labels for your letters, card and parcels.

No monthly fees, no special labels, no special printers and no meter purchase required. All you need is a printer and an internet connected device - like your smartphone, Chromebook, PC or Mac!

Orange Mailer is Postage Simplified.
Save time and money when you pay for and print your postage online. Discounts are available on Express Mail® service, Priority Mail® service, flat-rate shipping and even First Class®!

Orange Mailer enables you to easily calculate and buy postage online. Orange Mailer brings you nearly all the services of the US post office right to your home or place of business! Letters and parcels, domestic and international, First Class®, Priority® Mail, Express®, Media Mail, Certified Mail and much more.

Start saving time today with Orange Mailer and stop wasting your time standing in line at the post office. Use PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, BitCoin (and numerous other crypto curriences), VenMo or ApplePay. Generate your postage, print your label, attach it to your mailing and you are done!

Calculate postage prices with our easy rate comparison enabling you to pick the best rate. Keep track of your outgoing mail with automatically updated tracking info via your history page. Use the free pay as you go account or sign up for a paid subscription and get access to enhanced functionality like an integrated address book, enhanced reports and more.

Orange Mailer - we bring the post office to you!


Simple Pricing

pay only for postage
  • USPS Postage at Retail Rates
  • 3¢ per label fee for Media Mail
  • No subscription fees
  • Upgrade at any time
billed monthly*
  • USPS Postage at Retail Rates
  • No per label fees
  • Integrated Address Book
  • Enhanced History + SCAN forms
  • Batch Printing***
  • Custom Settings & Enhanced Reports
  • Use your own FedEx/UPS/DHL
  • Subscription fee + postage
  • Upgrade / Downgrade at any time
billed quarterly*
  • USPS Commercial Plus Pricing**
  • Includes Convenience +
  • Remove Orange Mailer branding
  • Subscription fee + postage
monthly administrative fee
  • Select your plan plus:
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Up to 10 individual accounts
  • Additional accounts at $1 monthly fee
  • US registered businesses only

Nearly every USPS mail type including First Class®, Library, Media, Priority®, Certified and more.

All accounts start @ free and include a one week free trial of Convenience Plus.

No software to install.

*Subscription fee does not include postage.

**The lowest legally available rate anywhere.

***Upon request and approval. Up to 100 labels at a time.


Used by over 14,000 customers including....

Age Of Hemp
IYA Foods
Tivoli Productions
Portable Hookahs
Blanford Law
Women's Motorcycle Tours
TGC Worldwide
Amy Grau Designs
Wellpath Care
Alisa Cliskenger
Simply Genesis
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In their own words...

I am an author and Orange Mailer has made it so much easier to process books and print labels, enabling me to get more earnings per book.
Alisa C.

I love that there is a site where you can pay as you go for postage AND has Certified Mail!! We are a small law firm and right now, this option is best for us. Knowing we can always subscribe and get an account for great deals on postage in the future is a big plus and as a growing business, I’m sure we’ll get there.
Emily C.

After several outages, and increased monthly fees by the major postage companys, we made the switch to Orange Mailer. Besides lower rates, The biggest benefit has been that orange mailer is web based, and there is no need to install client software that is both complicated to set up and use. Its nice being able to print labels on any computer and web browser combination.

As a first-time author I find Orange Mailer quite convenient. I was surprised to learn that the USPS does not offer ‘Click ’N Ship’ for media mail, and you have to bring books to the Post Office. Orange Mailer makes it fast and easy to print media mailing labels without standing in line.
John W.

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